• Financial support from the public and private sectors has a direct impact on the children served in our schools.  Support from the community is what makes the difference between simply providing basic educational needs and providing quality, innovative educational instruction that builds a strong foundation of success for every child served. 

    Orenda Education is a charitable 501 © (3) not-for-profit organization and accepts monetary and in-kind gifts and grants to advance its mission. Gifts are tax deductible according to IRS rules governing donations. Our EIN  is 74-2774612.

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    By donating online, you show your commitment and support of our innovative educational philosophies. Your financial commitment may be in the form of: cash/check, stocks, or real estate.

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    Many employers match donations that you make to charitable organizations, dollar for dollar.  Ask your company if they have a matching gift program.

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    You can help Orenda Education by making a gift to the organization through your will.                 

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    Contact Adam Price
    Director of Community Relations and Development
    512-869-3020 or adam.price@orendaeducation.org 

  • Charter Schools Do Not Receive Public Funding for Facilities:
    Public charter schools are held to higher accountability standards, but do not receive equal consideration when it comes to student funding. Unlike traditional public schools, charter schools do not have access to local property taxes and receive no direct state aid for construction of new buildings or renovation of existing ones. This creates about a $2,000 per student per year funding disparity and forces charter schools to use state funding intended for instruction and operations to also cover all building construction and related maintenance costs.  (see funding gap study)

    Philosophy & Mission:
    Gateway College Prep School is committed to creating citizens, scholars, and athletes who demonstrate a true love of learning, strive to reach their full academic and personal potential, who are able to apply academic knowledge to real world situations and achieve their academic, personal and vocational goals.

    The leadership, faculty, staff, students and student families of Gateway are profoundly grateful for all contributions, great and small. We view your financial support as a support of our mission and vision for innovative public schools of choice, and we appreciate you joining us.